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SENECA YOUTH Baseball and Softball

We are excited to be your photo provider again this year!

Please watch this video for more information.

Please bring your bat AND your glove for your pictures!

Arrive 10 minutes prior to your picture time so your coach can line you up.

Please opt in to our text messaging to get the alerts for your photos! Text BLAZE051523 to 90738



Can I order my package now?

When your gallery is in the Advance Pay mode before your photo day, you can not purchase a package. However, you can purchase an advance payment which is  purchasing a credit towards your future order. If you purchase an Advance Payment you will receive FREE SHIPPING to your door step on your future order. Once the photos are uploaded to your gallery you will get a text notification (please opt into the gallery by texting your access code to 90738 to receive this notification) letting you know that  your gallery is ready to be viewed and ordered.

Where are the photos?

Our turn around time on league/organization photos is 15 BUSINESS days during our busy season (April - June and August-September). There are occasional times when our turn around time is much faster than that. Hang tight! After your photo day, we are working our magic behind the scenes and your amazing photos will be ready to be viewed and ordered as soon as we put our finishing touches on the photos. You will receive a text message alerting you when they are ready to be viewed and ordered if you opted into the gallery via text.  

Can multiple poses be used for a single package?

YES!!!!! One of the awesome things about our process is pure flexibility. You can select multiple poses within the same package, right from your shopping cart. Here’s how:

Select a photo you wish to purchase and then add a package to your cart.

Then, when viewing the cart, you can select the red Review Photo button next to each item in the cart.

This will bring up the crop window, at the bottom of which is the Change Photo button. Click this button to be taken back to the gallery where you can select another photo or one of your marked favorites.

After you have selected the photo you wish to switch out, it will automatically replace the original photo within the product! You can then continue to swap out images throughout the package, customizing products to your liking with as many poses as there are products. Happy shopping!

What is the difference between an access code and a verification code?

There are two kinds of codes you will come across when it comes to accessing your photos: access codes and verification codes. You might encounter both during your PhotoDay experience, but what exactly is the difference between them?

Access Codes

An access code is essentially the password to your photo gallery. It is set by the Blaze Images and given out exclusively to the school, organization, and parents of the subjects of the photos. To gain access to a gallery, a customer can type in the given access code at galleries.photoday.io…

Or, if on mobile, they can text the access code to 90738, where we will immediately text back with a direct link to the gallery itself. If a customer has the PhotoDay app installed, it will open automatically and direct the customer to their photos. If not, their mobile web browser will open instead.

Verification Codes

Verification codes are used to confirm that it’s really you that’s about to log into your PhotoDay account and make purchases. It’s an extra security measure just to make sure you and your financial information are protected. PhotoDay associates your account with your phone number, so when you attempt to view your shopping cart while being logged out, we might prompt you to enter verification code to help identify you.

We’ll send it via text message…

After which you can enter it on the verification code screen. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to view your cart, customize your items, and finally purchase your photos!


How do I text an access code?

One of the main ways you can gain access to your photo gallery is by texting the access code we have given you to our special short code of 90738. Now, if you've never texted a shortcode before, there's nothing to fear! The process is exactly the same as sending a text to a standard phone number, with no additional charges or fees incurred.

How do I access my PhotoDay gallery?

Have an iPhone? What about an Android? What if you have neither, and just have a computer in front of you? The good news is, you can take a peek at your gallery in any of these scenarios. If you're on mobile, just text your access code to 90738. Alternatively, if you want to stick to the web, just go to https://my.photoday.com/  and type in your gallery's access code!

I can't make it to the scheduled photo day! What do I do?

We kindly ask that everyone attend the regularly scheduled picture day. With over 10,000 students and athletes photographed annually, accommodating everyone's schedule is challenging. While we understand life's uncertainties like sickness or family emergencies, we DO NOT guarantee a make-up day. If your child can't make it, you may join us at one of our other jobs in the area within a week of the original date. The photos may be traditional outdoor photos or our indoor/white screen photos. We can't guarentee what type of photos you will get when you don't make it to the originally scheduled picture day. We also can't guarantee that we will be photographing in the area within that week. Thank you for your understanding.

*Take note: If your miss your originally scheduled picture day, your child will not be in the team photo.

How much time do I have to order photos?

To get our best pricing, please place your order within 4 weeks of your picture day. Pricing does increase 4 weeks after the gallery publish date. Our galleries expire about 3 months after your picture day. 

How does AdvancePay work?

AdvancePay is a credit that can be used towards a future order. You have the opportunity to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order AFTER the gallery is released. If you're reading this, it's probably because we are offering AdvancePay discount for your child's picture day. Lucky you! 🙂

Why should I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

Get a jump on your child's picture day when you purchase an AdvancePay credit. With AdvancePay, you get to enjoy discounted pricing, discounts or shipping offers that are not be available after picture day. The best part? You're not locked into any package! You can apply your credit after you see your child's photos to any products or packages that you like.

How do I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

You will receive a unique code for your child's picture day that you can text to 90738 and in return, you'll receive a link - or - we will provide you with a direct web link. Either way, once you've clicked the link, you will see the option to purchase AdvancePay credits.  Once you purchase the credit, you may get a coupon code to take advantage of the special offer we’ve set up for all the early birds! You can apply this coupon at the time that you place your photo order. 

Can I use my AdvancePay credit for more than one child?

If the children are in the same gallery, then yes!!! You can apply your AdvancePay credit to more than one child. However, if your children are in different galleries, you will need to purchase an AdvancePay credit for each gallery.

*You must use your AP Credits within 14 months of the purchase date.

To see the entire PhotoDay AdvancePay credit policy, please go here: https://www.photoday.com/customer-ap-policy

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also pay with ApplePay and GooglePay. Orders should be placed soon after picture day, as prices do increase after time.

I can't find my photos in the gallery. What do I do?
If you cannot locate your child's photos using FaceFind or tag search, we recommend reaching out to us to inquire about any photos you can’t find.
What is a social sharing download?

Social Sharing Downloads are a complimentary item we add to our packages for the first 48 hours of the gallery launch. Social Sharing Downloads are automatically resized to 900 pixels wide by the proportional height and do not include a print release. These downloads are great for sharing on social media platforms.